Father (11st)

Father, you are away from us but always with us.

Father, We can not touch and can not speak with you, but we always chat and speak each other as usual in our dream.

Oh Father, No matter you can not live with us for the long term, you are always in our heart and in our soul.

Oh Father,If I imagine you, you are alive with us. So, no matter what happen it is, we can face with your encouragement.

Oh Father, when we lost you, when you left from our lives, we feel all the things had gone.

But, we can stand ourselves with your encouragement, with your effort, with your speech.

Although you can not live us for a long time, you are always with us.

We love you. We trust you. We believe you. We relied on you but now we stand ourselves.

Oh Father, we always want to have the father like you. You are everything for our lives.

Thank you for your love, for your supports, for your encouragement, for your guideness, for your kindness.

Thank you father. Do not forget that we always love you.